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    The Surveillance Manager is responsible for directing all surveillance functions throughout the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Lake Tahoe to provide objective and professional evaluations of company operations, to assist management in accomplishing their assigned responsibilities, and to ensure company and Nevada State Regulatory policies and procedures are followed by all employees. He/she is also responsible for coordinating the program of departmental specific observation-audits and actions taken on product losses and employee fidelity cases. The Surveillance Manager is also responsible for communicating directly with the Director of Finance and Internal Audit, bringing any control deficiencies, employee fidelity issues or other discrepancies to their attention. Additionally, the Surveillance Manager will partner with management to enhance the operation and efficiency of all aspects of the business. 




    (The following statements are intended as general illustrations of the work in this job class and are not all inclusive for specific positions.)


    1. Responsible for making recommendations within the department in the areas of compensation, staff selection, disciplinary action, complaints, staff performance appraisal, and similar supervisory duties. Plans, assigns, and evaluates the work of subordinates for effective operations and results of the department to accomplish established objectives.


    1. Review activities throughout the facility in order to gauge and improve staffing levels, working conditions and other matters which influence the quality of guest service and profitability. Make recommendations which usually affect the department, but may at times affect operations, services, individuals, or activities of others outside of the department.


    1. Establish department standards, guidelines and objectives and maintains other administrative processes such as budget and staffing to ensure proper planning and efficient operation of assigned areas.


    1. Independent judgment is required to study previously established, often partially relevant guidelines; plan for various interrelated activities; and coordinate such activities within the department or while completing a project.


    1. Monitor and evaluate all reporting departments in order to ensure the proper planning for short and long-term strategies.


    1. Review strengths and weaknesses of facility policies and procedures in order to most effectively implement changes to improve operations and most efficiently allocate resources.


    1. Ensure a safe and secure atmosphere/environment for customers and employees.


    1. Research, evaluate, and test surveillance technology in order to develop the most appropriate system to achieve security and maintain cost efficiency.


    1. Coordinate surveillance investigation efforts with outside law enforcement agencies to assure proper handling of civil violations of patrons or employees; may occasionally appear in court with corporate attorneys to assist in criminal justice proceedings.


    1. Establish, implement and monitor emergency procedures to ensure prompt and safe handling of such emergencies as fire, flood, or bomb threats.


    1. Work with operating departments to design and conduct highly sensitive investigations to facilitate fact‑finding and probe into potentially illegal or inappropriate activities.


    1. Problem solving involves identification and analysis of diverse problems; reviewing standard technical manuals and administrative procedures and modifying them for unusual situations. Guidance is usually provided on what sources to review and solutions are reviewed before acceptance.


    1. Conduct himself/herself in a professional, courteous and responsive manner, which reflects positively on the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Lake Tahoe.


    1. Additional duties as assigned.




    Must have ability to:

    • Communicate effectively with all levels of employees as well as outside contacts.
    • Review and comprehend all necessary documentation.
    • Observe and direct actions of employees and customers.
    • Move around facility and respond to situations in an effective and efficient manner.
    • Identify and understand cheating techniques in gaming and count rooms.




    Must have strong management skills with focus on training and development of staff. Requires extensive knowledge of State civil and criminal laws and Nevada State gaming regulations. Knows policies and procedures, and can recommend a course of action based upon these guidelines, modifying existing methods, procedures or forms as necessary. Understanding and working knowledge of electronic equipment and software applications used in the surveillance trade. Understanding of corporate and property-specific policies and procedures. This knowledge and these abilities are typically acquired through the completion of a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, or a closely related field, in addition to five years of direct security/surveillance experience in a hotel/casino, or through a high school degree or equivalent and eight years of direct hotel/casino experience.




    In addition to the other duties described herein, each and every employee has the following responsibilities related to compliance with laws and regulations:


    • Attend required training sessions offered by the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Lake Tahoe.
    • Perform the duties described in compliance with local laws and regulations.
    • Take the necessary steps to ensure minors are not allowed to gamble or loiter in gambling areas, drink alcoholic beverages, or purchase tobacco.
    • Have knowledge of the ordinances, regulations, laws, policies, and procedures relating to the Surveillance department.
    • Have knowledge of the Hotel’s programs to address problem gambling.
    • Consults with the appropriate individuals and maintains an effective system of written policies, procedures, and internal controls to ensure compliance with Nevada Gaming Regulations and Minimum Internal Control Standards.
    • Takes the appropriate steps to investigate exceptions, fraud, and potential violations and report such instances to the appropriate levels of management.
    • Reports items addressed by the “Compliance Questionnaire” as they occur to the Compliance Officer or his designee.
    • Reports any acts of wrongdoing on behalf of any staff member or guest.  


        The Hard Rock Casino Lake Tahoe-- System of Internal Control

    Everyone has a part in the internal control system at Hard Rock Casino. The roles vary depending upon what level of responsibility and the nature of involvement by the individual. Hard Rock Casino’ system of internal control integrates the activities, plans, attitudes, policies, skills and efforts of its associates working together to provide reasonable assurance that Hard Rock Casino will achieve its objectives and mission. Each Team Member is responsible for adhering to those performance programs, policies, procedures, guidelines and internal control standards established to guide the operation of Hard Rock Casino.








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